Education for Sustainable Development in Cameroon

Guest doctoral candidate Paulin Nkoumou Ondoua presents Education for Sustainable Development from a historical-spatial perspective in Cameroon. 

Montag, 21. März 2022, 12.15 Uhr bis 13.00 Uhr
Sentimatt (SE)
Raum SE 104

How did we come to talk about education for sustainable development in Cameroon? What is the state's reaction to this new education paradigm linked to a new economic paradigm? Is ESD a reality or a mindset?

Climate change is a reality which modifies the local agricultural calendar and causes agricultural yields to fall, the excessive cutting of wood favors the advance of the desert. Despite all this and in the name of economic growth, the state encourages policies that do not sufficiently consider environmental issues and ESD is implemented on the cheap.

It is in this vein that my study will rely on the methods of oral history to collect qualitative data (interviews, surveys, documentaries) from several diverse and diversified sources, which makes me better understand how this process is working. -I have come to talk about sustainable development and ESD in Cameroon and what justifies the fact that the application of ESD is still difficult in the Cameroonian context.

Speaker: Paulin Nkoumou Ondoua


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Sandra Betschart